UDR considers the training of today’s youth in conflict prevention and conflict resolution skills to be one of our primary goals. Through partnerships with local schools and youth organizations, UDR programs have benefitted thousands of students along the Wasatch Front for over a decade. 


UDR has partnered with the Horizonte Instruction and Training Center in Salt Lake City since 1998 to provide instruction on conflict resolution and mediation skills. The organization also coordinates a Peer Mediation Program at the Horizonte School. In 2017, UDR has assisted in Horizonte’s transition to creating a climate of restorative practices. UDR continues to assist school efforts to address conflict in a positive, effective, manner.

By teaching such skills as active listening, brainstorming, negotiation, and mediation, students in schools where UDR has intervened have shown a lower rate of conflict, violence, suspensions, and expulsions. Empowering these students to solve their own problems and to take responsibility for their actions has been a welcome addition.  The federal programs for Service and Character Learning endorse conflict resolution and peer mediation as character and social learning topics that should be included in every student’s education.