UDR maintains a high standard for mediators who work with our programs. All UDR Mediators on UDR’s Family and Community Rosters are qualified on the Utah State Court Roster of Mediators. As a teaching organization, UDR offers opportunities for newly trained mediators to gain the needed experience to meet the Utah Court Roster standards. 

UDR’s Court Mediation Program offers opportunities for trainees of our Basic Mediation workshop to observe and conduct mediations under the direction and tutelage of experienced, Court-qualified mediators.

UDR’s Community Mediation Program uses the services of Court-qualified mediators who volunteer their time. Occasionally, a newly trained Mediator-in-Training will observe these mediations as part of their experiential learning.

UDR’s Family Mediation Program uses the services of more experienced, Court-qualified Divorce Mediators who also meet UDR’s standards for our Domestic Roster. Trained Mediators-in-Training may assist a UDR Family mediator as part of a Domestic Mentorship. However, a Court-qualified Domestic mediator is always in charge of the mediation.



Reduced Fee Mediation Program

UDR offers mediation at reduced fees for clients with financial need. Clients who elect mediation in this program do not select their mediator. Instead, they will be assigned an appropriate mediator from our panel of Court-qualified volunteers. UDR Case Managers consider the clients’ needs, the dynamics between the clients, and the nature of the dispute. Case Managers then assign a mediator whose style, personality, and knowledge would be appropriate.

UDR Professional Mediator Roster

Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR) offers mediation participants the option of selecting a specific mediator from among the organization’s Professional Roster. The full fee for mediation is assessed ($160 per hour), which is split equally between the parties in dispute, regardless of each party's income.

Mediators who qualify for UDR’s Professional Roster must have achieved Master Mediator status by the Utah Courts, meet UDR’s Professional Roster requirements, and have completed a considerable number of domestic disputes.

UDR’s Professional Roster includes the following mediators, all of whom have advanced training and considerable experience mediating domestic disputes. 


Carolynn Clark Camp

Carolynn Clark Camp has been mediating since 2001. She received her formal training in mediation at the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU while completing her law degree. Carolynn has since completed a Master of Law in mediation at Pepperdine University and worked as a litigator at Ray Quinney & Nebeker in Salt Lake City. She currently teaches and oversees the basic mediation curriculum at the BYU Law School. Carolynn is a Master Mediator on the Utah Court Roster of Mediators and, in addition to her teaching activities, conducts a mediation practice specializing in the areas of divorce and family mediation and probate matters.  In addition, Carolynn has mediated numerous types of disputes including: landlord-tenant, victim-offender, truancy, commercial disputes, and small claims disputes. 


Nancy McGahey

Nancy has been mediating disputes since 1988 and has experience with a wide range of contexts including family, parent-child, workplace, victim-offender, small claims, and civil matters. Over the past decade, she has focused her mediation practice on domestic matters. She is a Master Mediator on the Utah Court Roster of Mediators, a Court qualified Primary Mediation Trainer, and a Court qualified Domestic Mediation Mentor. Nancy currently serves as Executive Director of Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR), a position she has held since 2004. At UDR, she facilitates basic and domestic mediation workshops and mentors newer mediators through UDR’s Domestic Mentorship program. Nancy has mediated parenting disputes through the Co-Parenting Mediation Program in Utah’s Third Judicial District since 2002. Her professional background includes over thirty years combined experience in education, training, and human services. Nancy received two Master’s degrees in Interpersonal Communication and Instructional Design from the University of New Mexico and completed the ADR certificate program at the University of Utah.


Jenaveve Arnoldus

Jenaveve Arnoldous is a Harvard Negotiation Institute trained, Utah Court-Qualified Master Mediator. She is on Utah Courts' Roster for Mediation, Domestic Mediaton, Co-Parenting Mediation, and is a Domestic Mediation Mentor. Specializing in domestic, divorce, and parenting mediation since 2014, Jenaveve also has experience in business, landlord/tenant, and probate mediations and has trained in strategies for communication and negotiation in high conflict situations. She is a graduate of J. Reuben Clark Law School and is a member of the Utah and California State Bars. Jenaveve received her domestic mediation training through Utah Dispute Resolution and is a graduate of UDR's Domestic Mediation Practicum Program.