This page is provided for attorneys who request mediation services through Utah Dispute Resolution. 

Family Mediation

To initiate a family mediation, ask your client to complete the online questionnaire through this website. Select “Faimly Mediation” from the Programs and Services menu at the top of this page and click Family Questionnaire in step 1 to begin. Your client may pay the administration fee online by clicking the link in step 2.

When UDR has received the completed questionnaire from both parties in dispute, a case manager will begin scheduling the mediation. The case manager may have follow-up questions for your client. UDR case managers will ask clients about their relationship dynamic in order to structure an appropriate mediation process. UDR honors the confidential nature of all information gathered, which is protected by law in the Utah Uniform Mediation Act, Title 78B, Chapter 10. If you have concerns about a case manager contacting your client, please call our office.

Protective Orders

If there is a protective order in place between the parties involved, it must allow for mediation. Utah Dispute Resolution asks that you provide a copy of the protective order to our office. If mediation is not allowed in the order, it must be modified before we can proceed with scheduling.