Training Philosophy 

Utah Dispute Resolution follows sound adult learning principles in designing and conducting its training workshops. We strive to create an optimal learning experience by limiting the number of participants in each workshop. Smaller groups give everyone more opportunities to participate in discussions and practice new skills. We believe that people learn best in a relaxed atmosphere where they can enjoy learning and involve multiple senses (seeing, listening, talking, and doing).

Participants in UDR’s workshops have diverse backgrounds and experiences. This factor makes UDR training workshops richer because participants are encouraged to add their unique personal perspectives and ask questions. The training gives participants a safe place where they can practice new skills. Most importantly, UDR’s workshops are fun!

UDR training workshops include the following components:

  • Interactive Lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Video Presentations

  • Activities, Exercises, Games

  • Role Play Simulations

  • Written Exercises

  • Reading Assignments

  • FUN Homework Activities



Deposit and Cancellation Policy

A minimum deposit of $150 must be received to reserve a seat in a UDR training workshop. Full payment is due one month prior to the first day of training. Deposits and fees are fully refundable providing UDR receives notice of cancellation at least one month prior to the first day of a workshop. Participants canceling their seats with less than one month notice will forfeit a $150 processing fee. Refunds for payments made by credit card are subject to service fees. Participants may roll their registrations to a later class date once without paying the cancellation fee with advance notification of at least one month. If rollover is requested with less than one month notice, a processing fee of $150 will be assessed.